ink + paper = fun

Oh Buzzfeed, how you entertain me with your lists, without which, I might forget what it was like to grow up with Mary-Kate & Ashley or be completely unaware of how difficult my late twenties are bound to be. Surely the world was a bit more productive before these “top 27” or “31 funniest” lists emerged as a dominant force of media, but I’m not complaining.

have a fantastic day calligraphy

Isn’t it beautiful?

The latest Buzzfeed list I can’t do without? An arsenal of calligraphy GIFs. I can’t express how happy I was to find that there are others out there who also find beauty in seeing a pen leave ink on paper in an elegant, swooping form. It’s more than just pleasing to the eye; I feel relaxed and soothed when I see a fine writing instrument glide smoothly across a quality piece of paper.

In high school I got through six hours of classes a day by doodling, but my objective wasn’t necessarily to create some work of art, or whatever the end result was; I filled the margins of every page of every notebook because I enjoyed watching the actual act of the pen leaving behind a stream of ink on the paper. Each day I would rack my brains for new phrases—song lyrics, quotes, witty combinations of words—to jot down in new, hand-drawn typefaces. Some of the letters I came up with were decent-looking, I suppose, but the reason for writing anything at all was simply to see it written.


Hand-drawn typefaces, getting me through classes and meetings since 1998.

There. Now you might think I sound slightly batty, but because Buzzfeed backs me up with calligraphy GIFs, I feel comfortable declaring my ink-on-paper obsession in a public forum.

Do you find pen ink effortlessly sliding onto paper cathartic? Enjoy the calligraphy porn.


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